Bear Trail Cabins King Salmon Alaska


First, how to get here! Well, you really only have one option and it is to fly! King Salmon is about 280 miles southwest of Anchorage by air. There are no roads to King Salmon from Anchorage and no ferries so flying is the only option! So you would book your flight from your home city to Anchorage then on to King Salmon.

Bear Trail Cabins King Salmon Alaska


Alaska airlines provides flights out of Anchorage to King salmon at affordable rates. There are other options but can be significantly more expensive.

How much does it cost?

The tickets from Anchorage to King Salmon average around $350-450 round trip depending on what part of the year!


Alaska weather can vary greatly depending on where you are in Alaska, so we will cover specifically what weather conditions are like in King Salmon and Katmai National Park.

What is the temperature in the spring/summer/fall?

During the spring months April-mid June, you can expect the temperature to range between the high 30’s to the high 60’s low 70’s, with the average temperature being around 60 F.

You can expect rain about 30% of the days you are here, but we are close to the ocean so rainstorms can occur more frequently depending on the current weather patterns.

What is it like during the winter?

Although unlikely you will be visiting during the winter, We will cover that too!

Winters can be dark and cold. During December we will get as little as about 5 hours of sunlight. The temperatures range between -20 to 40F depending on the weather patterns. We often get freezing rain through the winter months and if we are lucky we will get a few feet of snow throughout the winter.

Bear Trail Cabins King Salmon Alaska


What you wear depends on your comfort level with the temperatures listed in the table above.

I usually wear a t-shirt with a hoodie or sweatshirt and pants most of the time starting in Mid-April-September. I will often bring my Simms rain jacket to keep me dry just in case of a rain shower.

For footwear, I do recommend a good hiking shoe or rain boot because again it can be wet here. In Alaska, it is very common for locals to wear Xtra tufs sometimes called the Alaskan sneaker as they are very common.

What do I need to bring?

Well, what you bring depends on your planned activity, since there are so many possibilities they are well beyond the scope of this article! So we will cover fishing specifically. I recommend you bring layers! The weather varies depending on the time of year. You can bring your own fishing gear if you would like but we provide everything necessary for your fishing excursions with us!

Bear Trail Cabins King Salmon Alaska

Are there bugs?

Alaska is known for its bugs, and it is true we do have lots of bugs. In King salmon, we have several different types including mosquitos, white socks, horse flies, and a species of gnats.

The bugs can be really bad on hot and humid days, and they are more manageable on days with 5-10 mph of wind.

We suggest bringing a head net like this one and it will keep 95% of the bugs off your face. I also recommend some bug spray like OFF deep woods or if you can find some 100% DEET is the most effective.

If it’s not too hot or you don’t mind being in a thick long sleeve or hoodie those are the most effective at keeping the bugs from biting your arms, but you’ll still want something for your hands and face!

Are there any Stores in King Salmon in case I forget something!

So we have 2 small grocery stores, 1 in King Salmon called the Alaska commercial store aka the AC and Naknek Trading in Naknek which is a small town about 15 miles west of King Salmon.

The stores both have limited supplies of non-essential goods on hand, you may be able to find items like bug spray and head nets but I wouldn’t count on it.

Naknek Trading has a home goods/clothing outpost as well and they carry rain jackets and xtra tufs should you decide you want or need something, that being said the items are geared towards commercial fishermen and locals.

There is also a Gift shop next to the airport that carries t-shirts and hoodies if you decide you want an item to take home with you to remind you of your trip to Katmai!

Bear Trail Cabins King Salmon Alaska

How long are the days? How much sunlight is there?

We have very long days during the summer! We will have plenty of light during your visit which is probably between April-October we range between 12-20 hours of sunlight.

With May-July having the most sunlight. On June 21st, summer solstice we receive 18 1/2 hours of sunlight!

Bear Trail Cabins King Salmon Alaska


You have several dining options in King salmon and Naknek.

Sockeye Saloon- American Diner / Bar – Good burgers.

Eddies Fireplace inn- American diner / Bar – Good place to grab coffee.

D&D- Best Pizza in town.

Uptown Dawgs & Galley Dogs – Food truck good fish sandwich!

The Shire- Sandwiches and great cinnamon rolls!


Yes, you can rent a car although you may find it unnecessary, I will leave you a link and a phone number below for Alaska Eagle eye they are located just southeast of the airport!

Alaska Eagle eye


Bear Trail Cabins King Salmon Alaska


So you’ve made it all the way to King Salmon, Alaska and now you want to fish! Well, I don’t blame you, you are in one of the greatest fishing locations in the world. So yes you can fish here and you definitely should!

Well, we definitely recommend you fish with us here at Katmai Fishing Guides. I have 100’s hours fishing the Naknek River and surrounding area. We are fairly priced and have a passion for Catching “Wild Fish in Wild places” and my focus is on ensuring all our clients have an awesome experience.


Go see bears

Most of our clients want to see bears out in Katmai National Park usually at the world-famous Brooks falls. We do sometimes see bears on the Naknek river or flyouts. Going to Brooks is one of the most unique experiences someone could have out of King Salmon.

Go for a jet boat tour

Yes, we are a fishing guide service but we can also provide you with a river tour of the Naknek river if you desire! We could float down the river and see the wildlife, you can watch the salmon run under the boat as they complete their journey. There is also the possibility to see Wild brown bears, moose, bald eagles, foxes, and coyotes.

Go on a fishing flyout
To places like small salmon streams like this one and experience the final leg of a Salmon’s upriver journey!

Go fishing on the Naknek

Fill your cooler with the best-tasting salmon in the world! Or try your luck on catching a world-class rainbow trout!

Go to Naknek beach

Watch commercial and subsistence fishing happening in the bay and right on the beach!

Visit Katmai

Katmai has more to offer than just Brooks Falls! Take a backpacking trip through the backcountry or visit the valley of 10,000 smokes and walk inside the caldera of an extinct volcano!

So there you have it, a complete guide to visiting King Salmon, Alaska the Gateway to Katmai National park!

Please if you have any questions about visiting even if you don’t plan on fishing with us, drop us a line we want to be your go-to for information about your visit!

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Tight Lines,

Steven Benjamin

Bear Trail Cabins King Salmon Alaska